Current Activities:

To improve our (and other members) ability to be able to communicate with fellow members.

One of the biggest obstacles encountered in our recent proposal on voting procedures was the Club’s ruling that signed hard copies of support was needed from 120 members before it could be considered.

We eventually achieved more than the number of supporters required but it was a lengthy and painful exercise which, had it been easier, may even had lead to an increase in support for our motion at the AGM.

You will have seen the email from the Club recently announcing the imminent arrival of Mahdi Choudray as Assistant Secretary, Membership. We see Mahdi’s role as our main route to the Club’s executive as we had excellent support from Guy Curry when he was in this position.

As such, we will be contacting Mahdi when he arrives in July, welcoming him and giving him a brief outline of MCCT and our objectives.

Once Mahdi has settled into his new role we will get back in touch with him to discuss how we can improve our (and everyone else’s) ability to communicate with members. As a membership club, this should be in place – whilst maintaining members privacy of course.

Past Activities:

MCCT proposed a resolution at the 2021 AGM, the key headlines of which were:

  • Supplement voting in-person at a General Meeting by implementing both online and postal voting.
  • Only votes cast and received either during or following the commencement of a General Meeting would be counted with time allowed after the meeting for votes to be received.

The second point, above, was developed because we believed that members can only vote effectively if they hear all of the “fors” and “againsts” that could be raised at a meeting, and it was this part that the Committee disagreed with.

Online voting and remote attendance at meetings will continue to grow making Members ability to be fully informed considerably greater.

The Club, in the documentation issued prior to the meeting, indicated – in bold red type! – that the resolution was not supported by the committee and recommended that Members voted against it.

The Proposal was rejected although the votes in favour of it accounted for almost a third of those cast.

The full proposal can be viewed here.