Ideas & Suggestions

Welcome to MCCT’s dedicated page to allow YOU to send us your ideas and suggestions to improve the Member Experience

Simply click on the   in the bottom right of any screen on this website to send us your contribution, idea or suggestion.

This page gives you an opportunity to put forward suggestions for operational improvements which can be taken to the club on behalf of the group of members involved with MCCT.

To give you an idea of the sort of thing we are looking at, here are some recent ideas which we have taken up with the Club on your behalf:

  • Voting to take place only at, or after, meetings to allow arguments to be heard prior to voting.
  • Encouraging email correspondence thus simplifying form submissions and reducing hard copy correspondence in favour of electronic communication.
  • Enhancing communication channels to provide easier and more effective member engagement with the club.
  • Building a sound and collaborative relationship with the executive.

We cannot promise to forward every suggestion to the club but will weigh up everything we receive and make a judgement accordingly.

Obviously, if a number of members put forward the same, or similar suggestions it will increase the chances of the club looking at them.

Alternatively, if you see a suggestion on here from another member which you think has merit, please communicate your support for it.